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Our Mission




In addition to their passion for cooking, Israel and Tonya both hold a deep commitment to using only high-quality, mostly organic ingredients as well as accommodating their clients’ dietary restrictions and preferences. They are also committed to creating the best possible work environment behind the scenes as well. Both Israel and Tonya have worked in the restaurant industry long enough to have a great appreciation for the hard work that goes on in the back of the house and take pride in creating a positive and rewarding environment for their employees.




Table and Terrace Catering was created in the spring of 2017 by owners Israel Valencia and Tonya Tyszkiewicz after the pair met while working at a restaurant in downtown Campbell. The two quickly realized that they shared a passion for food and service as well as a view of the central role that food plays in the most important moments of our lives. Their most cherished memories had been centered around a meal shared with family and friends, and they wanted to bring this experience to the lives of others. Through their cooking, Israel and Tonya create far more than a dining experience; they like to think they are creating special memories that will last a lifetime.

Customer Service

Israel and Tonya meet with each of their clients and create personalized menus tailored to their preferences. They are constantly creating new and unique dishes and expanding and updating their menus. Because Israel and Tonya meet with their clients personally, Table and Terrace Catering is able to truly cater to their clients’ requests and provide them with the freedom to personally create their own menus and speak directly with the chef. Clients can choose from sample menus or work with us to create a custom menu. When it comes to planning events, Israel and Tonya pride themselves on providing their clients with the ultimate culinary experience and an open line of communication.

For any questions or information, contact Tonya Tyszkiewicz. 

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